We make films

Gral Film is a highly specialized in the production of documentaries, but our background
and knowledge of the industry is varied and includes work in all areas. We have a wealth
of experience and are therefore aware of most requirements and preferences, so we can
propose the best possible solutions. Gral Film can ensure that all needs will be met, even for the
most discriminating partner. Project research and writing, or finding the best facilities,
locations and an experienced crew is one thing. Ensuring that a film project runs
smoothly is another. Gral Film is more than qualified to do both.


If you are looking for a production company that will successfully produce
your documentary or feature, or you need to produce a high-quality
promotional, industrial or educational film, or just want to offer your
script for a reading, please feel free to contact us and we will give you
the fastest and most helpful feedback.


If you are looking for an experienced producer to help you finance and implement
your project, or simply looking for a reliable and responsible partner, then
Gral Film is for you.
Gral Film has co-produced documentaries and features with Croatian, European and American partners
since 1995. But we take the most proud in the fact that most of
our partners remain our friends.


Gral Film is mainly dedicated to documentaries, so if you need help
shooting your documentary, Gral Film is the partner you need.
We have a wealth of experience in dealing with both low- and high-budget
documentaries in Croatia or abroad. Gral Film has successfully cooperated with a
number of well-known European, American and Arab television broadcasters and
production companies. We can provide high quality research into virtually any
topic, help you find great characters, select and negotiate the right locations,
secure all necessary permits, do the budgeting and production
scheduling, and finally shoot the best possible material for your film.

If you want to shoot your feature film, or TV film/series, we can provide:

location scouting, stills, video
budgeting and scheduling
highly qualified local production and technical staff with global experience
experienced architects and crews for studio and set construction
full production equipment and facilities
period wardrobe, props and vehicles
casting of local actors, extras, stuntmen, and doubles
specialty catering services
transportation and accommodation
customs clearance
editing & coloring
sound post-production