About us

Gral Film is a production company that has produced a wide range of films over the past twenty five years.   A considerable number of these films emerged as international projects, i.e. co-productions, commissions from broadcasters, or collaborations with international organizations. In most cases our films secured international distribution and have been aired by televisions and screened at film festivals worldwide.

Gral Film produces documentaries
of various genres and topics: social,
human rights, history, culture,
sports, arts…
Gral Film also produces shorts, features,
and corporate films.

Tomislav Žaja, managing director and founder
Multi-awarded filmmaker with 30 years of experience in film and television productions.
Holds a masters degree in documentary film direction from Prague Film Academy (FAMU). Wrote, directed and/or produced about fifty documentaries, few shorts and four fiction films. His films were screened at numerous film festivals and TV channels worldwide. Besides traditional distribution, his films are often used for learning and advocacy purposes. He collaborates with INclude – The Mental Health Initiative, Open Society Foundations, World Health Organization, UNDP, UEFA, etc. Member of European Documentary Network and International Documentary Association.